How to Install and Configure cPanel

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Determine the Tools Needed[edit]

Connect to Server Using SSH[edit]

Initial Server Setup and Configurations[edit]

Installation of cPanel[edit]

Screen Installation[edit]

cPanel Installation[edit]

Web Hosting Manager (WHM)[edit]

WHM Setup[edit]

WHM Configuration[edit]

Server Time[edit]

Compiler Access[edit]

cPHulk Brute Force Protection[edit]

Shell Fork Bomb Protection[edit]

ModSecurityTM Vendors[edit]

Service Manager[edit]

Backup Configuration[edit]

Add a Package[edit]


MultiPHP INI Editor[edit]

MultiPHP Manager[edit]

MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade[edit]

Background Process Killer[edit]

Manage Plugins[edit]

ConfigServer Security & Firewall[edit]

WordPress Installation[edit]

Check DNS & Nameservers[edit]

Check WordPress Site[edit]